Your questions

1. Why choose a management company for my Dubrovnik property?
It is great to have a secondary residence, but maintaining it is a business in itself. Living hundreds of kilometres away, or even abroad, doesn't make the task any easier. What would happen if something occurred while nobody was on your property? Who can intervene very quickly in case of emergency, manage the situation and take appropriate steps? How can you see to it that your property is always properly maintained? Your secondary residence has strong sentimental value, but also financial value. Whom can you trust to give your property all the attention it needs and that you want, and see to regular maintenance; increasing the value of your investment? The safest solution is to call on a management company offering a range of varied and quality services. So don't hesitate to contact us and let us know your needs.

2. Why choose Butterfly Services to manage my residence?
Each property is unique and requires particular attention. Butterfly Services supplies you with a complete range of quality services adapted to your own needs. Our experience with complete management of villas and apartments enables us to respond, successfully, to all kinds of requests. As your trusted contact, we commit ourselves to professional values, to respect for our commitments, to hospitality and to discretion. We are convinced that the key to our success is the quality of the personalised relationships that we cultivate with our clientele.

3. Why would I need Butterfly Services if I plan to visit my residence regularly?
Butterfly Services give you the assurance that your property will always be in good condition. We see to all maintenance and upkeep aspects, but Butterfly Services also handles preparation of your residence for your arrival or for your guests, provides you with all services needed for a pleasant stay, reconditions your villa or flat and puts it on waiting status after your departure. If you don't want to spend each day handling management problems, take full advantage of your residence and leave the rest to us.

4. How should I inform you of my own or of my guests' arrival?
By using the form made available to you, you can let us know the time and day of your arrival, your flight details, the number of persons, and the services you want to enjoy.

5. How can my guests get the keys to my residence?
It will be a pleasure for your personal manager to meet your guests with a set of keys and explain the operation of your residence while welcoming them to your property or a previously agreed location.

6. What happens if my guests or tenants have a problem during their stay?
Very simple: all they have to do is to contact us, and we will react quickly. However, if we are not able to solve the problem, we will call a qualified person.